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Here and Here jewelry is a joyful expression of color, pattern, and texture. Designer Amy Rogers draws inspiration from her childhood surrounded by prints and paintings in her grandparents' art gallery, from the patterns and colors found in nature, and from traditional world textiles and craft, and she has held onto a playfulness throughout her adult life. All of these influences feed into her line of intuitively-made wearable color and pattern compositions. The name Here and Here is a nod to the energy Amy gets from and the connection she still feels to the international cities she has lived in. Here and Here and Here...

The majority of Here and Here jewelry designs are made as one-offs meaning only one of each design is made with no intention of reproducing it. Amy's designs are sometimes made without preconceived ideas. She paints the glazes intuitively and builds a finished piece with other beads and cords after the ceramic elements are fired. Other times she has a plan in mind and will work toward that end as she goes through all of the phases: clay building, first firing, glazing, second firing, composition of elements, integrating with other materials, and finalizing the piece.

Here and Here jewelry is handmade in the Here and Here studio in downtown Toronto. A concerted effort is made to make it a sustainable process. All bead, ribbon, and cord supplies are purchased in small quantities and there is little to no waste. All unfired, dried clay is reused. All leather used is from a collection of scraps and unused pieces from a handbag designer Amy worked for in a previous life. Shipping mailers and boxes are 100% recycled. She's still researching recycled gift boxes and tissue and will soon transition to those options.



Amy Rogers makes art about people and their lives and designs accessories for people and their spaces. Intuitively mixing and matching media, she is comfortable exploring unknown combinations of materials and techniques to suit her needs. Amy's focus alternates between a conceptually-driven fine art practice and self-imposed design projects.


Through her fine art practice, she addresses universal themes including the cycle of life and the roles we inhabit within that life. This work is expressed in drawings, photography, collage, and embroidery, and combinations of these.


Amy's jewelry design satisfies her inherent curiosity and sense of play with spontaneous color and texture explorations. She uses unique, non-traditional approaches to photograph her jewelry which she considers artistic expressions in their own right. Amy's past design projects include a range of accessories for the home and body (handbags, lamps, mobiles, wallets, and fashion accessories) all handmade with great attention to detail, functionality, and craftsmanship. 

Amy spent her childhood in Omaha, Nebraska. She studied fiber art at the Kansas City Art Institute and multimedia at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. Amy lived for ten years in New York City working in the fashion industry. She eventually began creating handmade flower accessories under the name Red Head Amy. In 2004, Martha Stewart Living magazine did a feature story on Amy and her leather flowers business. That same year she moved to Lyon, France where she lived for almost four years continuing her accessory business and learning the language. Amy now lives and works in Toronto where she promotes her jewelry designs under the name Here and Here, a nod to the many cities she has lived in and been influenced by throughout her life.

Also worth mentioning-- Amy makes fantastic decorated cakes and cookies and creates the most intricate and impressive Halloween costumes for her two boys.

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